New publication on the liminal nightlife governance in Lisbon

LXNIGHTS launches a new publication!! :))) This is a new publication based on an ongoing ethnography started in 2010 in the old harbor neighborhood of Cais do Sodré, in downtown Lisbon. This article aims to analyze how the neoliberalization of the night in Lisbon has led to the emergence of some critical challenges for the governance of the “Nocturnal Tourist CIty”.

Full Reference: Nofre, J. (2020). Geografias da governança liminar da noite lisboeta. In Remoaldo, P. C., Caldeira, M. J., Teles, V., Scalabrini, E. & Rio Fernandes, J. A. (Eds), Livro de Actas do XII Congresso da Geografia Portuguesa “Geografias de Transição para a Sustentabilidade”, pp. 290-297. Guimaraes, Portugal: Universidade do Minho. ISBN: 978-989-98857








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