Upcoming conferences

There are two conferences in the near future that might interest, among others, researchers in Urban Sociology/Anthropology/Geography.  Jordi, João and myself are members of the organizing committee of the one held in Lisbon next month.


Public space and private lives in contemporary city

Mid-term conference of the ESA (European Sociological Association) Research Network in Urban Sociology.

FCSH/NOVA, Lisbon (Portugal), 19-22 November 2014


The ideal city: between myth and reality. Representations, policies, contradictions and challenges for tomorrow’s urban life

Conference of the Research Committee 21 (RC21) on Sociology of Urban and Regional Development of the International Sociological Association

Urbino (Italy), 27-29 August 2015



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About patriciapereira

I am an assistant research professor at Leiria Polytechnic University/ESECS integrated in CICS.NOVA/IPLeiria. I am a member of the board of the Interdisciplinary Center of Social Sciences (CICS.NOVA) and I coordinate its research group 3 "Cities, environment and regional development". I hold a Ph.D. in Sociology and my main field of research is Urban Sociology/Urban Studies. My current work is focused on subjective experiences of eviction and displacement, while also considering the neighborhood effects and structural dimensions of gentrification and, more broadly, of urban inequality. I specialize in qualitative methods, including ethnography and in-depth interviews, with a growing interest in creative methods.

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