The city: images and imaginaries (Madrid)

The next week (12-15 March 2018) LXNIGHTS will be present in the International and Multidisciplinary Symposium “The city: images and imaginaries”, celebrated in the University Carlos III (Madrid).  Jorge Sequera (New University of Lisbon, LXNIGHTS) will present its work in a  communication entitled: “Alternatives to touristification in urban markets”, Tuesday 13th March from 10:00 in a panel about Madrid (Spain). You can see here the program of the event.

The International Conference: The City: Images and Imaginaries, will be celebrated in School of Humanities, Communication and Library Science, University Carlos III De Madrid (Getafe), on March 12th -15th, 2018. During the conference the following public activities will take place:

The conference opening keynote session, on Monday, March 12th: “Tramas Urbanas y Movilidad” [The Urban Plots and Movility] by Josefina Gómez Mendoza, Emeritus professor of Unversity Autónoma de Madrid and Doctor Honoris Causa by University Carlos III de Madrid and by the l’École Normale Superieur de Lyon.

On Tuesday, March 13th an institutional ceremony will be celebrated in recognition of the outstanding professional and artistic trajectory (and their close links to the city) of the painter Antonio Lopéz and the architect Rafael Moneo.

In March 14th the filmmaker Joaquín Oristrell and Professor Miguel de Moragas will debate in a roundtable discussion about Madrid and Barcelona depictions.

Professor Nancy Berthier (Université Paris-Sorbonne) will be the final keynote speaker at the Conference on March 15th.

During the Conference, the participants can attend some parallel activities such as the photography exposition of Marivi Ibarrola’s works, the sound installation “Sounds of the City” and a continuous screening about the city in film.

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