In 2019 LXNIGHTS was a promoter of the creation of the International Night Studies Network ( This has allowed our research group to expand our research collaborations at the international level both in terms of research project proposals and in the realization of international scientific events.

The International Conference on Night Studies is an annual international event that aims to echo frontier research, artistic works and professional practices related to the study of the urban night in multiple contexts worldwide. This event aims to be a platform for sharing ongoing or recent research, opening a critical and interdisciplinary debate, and boost e-networking, bringing together academia and society. This event is organized by the International Night Studies Network in partnership with LXNIGHTS Research Group.

For the first time, the NIGHT(S)-Science was held as part of the annual NIGHTS Conference, which gathers hundreds of stakeholders from the European nightlife industry. LXNIGHTS Research Group led the creation of NIGHT(S) Science, a special panel to bring the research community and those involved in the night closer together and to provide government authorities with access to researchers.

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