Jordi Nofre | LXNIGHTS Coordinator

I hold a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Barcelona (2009). My thesis, entitled “The Hidden Cultural Agenda. A deconstruction of nightlife in Barcelona and its suburbs” was awarded by the Government of Catalonia with the Youth Prize 2009 to the Best Doctoral Thesis on Youth Studies. Since January 2010 I have been enrolled as FCT Postdoctoral Research Fellow at CICS.NOVA. My postdoctoral research topics are (i) Nightlife and urban change in south European cities, and (ii) Social geographies of youth in Euro-Mediterranean countries. To date, I have published a total of 50 publications, and have presented a total of 44 oral communications in national and international conferences. Currently, I am also Principal Coordinator of LXNIGHTS, an international scientific network on nightlife studies created in 2014 encompassing 9 countries and 22 scholars. In 2015 I was Scientific Advisor of ‘SAFE!N Project: Safe Night Out Certification in Lisbon’, a community-focused project funded by the Lisbon City Council. I am also Director of Lisbon Nightlife Observatory. Now, the Lisbon city council has commissioned me to create and coordinate the Lisbon Nightlife Commission, a new institutional body to foster and implement participatory governance of nightlife in Lisbon towards safer, inclusive and sustainable nights in the Portuguese capital.

List of Publications (only related to nightlife studies; last 5 years: 2013-2018)


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