2nd LXNIGHTS Meeting

2_Encontro_LXnights-page001The second edition of Encontros LXNIGHTS is coming. This time our guests are partyplus, an European network devoted to make the night and the party safest. Q de festa, the catalan partners of the network will explain us in what consist this initiative.

The second LXNIGHTS Meeting: “Party +. The European Network for Safier Party Labels. An European project for risk reduction in nightlife leisure” will take place on June 16 at Centro de Informação Urbana de Lisboa (CIUL), located  in Picoas Plaza (Rua Viriato, 13) at 18:00h. The debates are free and open to the general public.

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Regulating Nightlife. The case of Tours (France)

After our first Meeting “Encontros LXNIGHTS” the past May 27 is now time to pay attention to other similar initiatives devoted to bring together the different actors involved in the production of urban nightscapes. Joséphine Kalache analyse the recent proliferation of the “conseils de la nuit” (night councils) that are selectively regulating nightlife activities all over the French municipalities.

The author, taking the case study of Tours (France) warns on the dangers of “reducing culture to the Event” and suggest that the eviction of amateur musicians and heterogeneous public from the city nightscapes could be favouring the commercialization of nightime.

The text -in French- is entitled “Vers une politique municipale de la nuit: le ‘consensus nocturne’ arrive à Tours” (Towards a municipal nightlife policy: the ‘nightime consensus’ is coming to Tours) and could be a valuable forethought for the next “Encontros LXNIGHTS” that will be announced soon…