New publication of LXNIGHTS on “Social and Cultural Geography”

Resultado de imagen de "social and cultural geography"An article on Lisbon’s urban nightlife was just published yesterday online, in the renowned scholar journal “Social and Cultural Geography” (Taylor and Francis), with an impact factor of 1.663 (2015).

The article, entitled “Club Carib: a geo-ethnography of seduction in a Lisbon dancing bar”, was written by Jordi Nofre, Daniel Malet Calvo, Adán Cassan and Sylwia D. Wodzinska.

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Abstract: Over the last three decades, nightlife has become one of the most important time–spaces for the reproduction of human relationships. In this paper, we examine Club Carib, a particular nightlife space in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto neighbourhood. Our focus is on the flirting strategies that occur during dance sessions. We examine the ways in which these seduction strategies operate in relation to particular constructions of race, class, cultural capital and gender. Particular attention is paid to the ways in which young adult straight males use their bodies to negotiate the dance space. We describe how the dance space is an environment in which the (hetero)normative and patriarchal character of Lisbon’s nightlife is often reinscribed, but also at times contested.




LXNIGHTS contribution in the NewStatesman

The last 6 October LXNIGHTS has appeared in a digital article about Lisbon’s nightlife entitled: Lisbon is a city famed for its nightlife – and the residents hate it. We can read Jordi Nofre in CityMetric, the new digital expansion of the relevant political and cultural UK’s magazine “New Statesman”: “Today Lisbon is sold as the best nightlife scene in Europe. That phrase is essentially the slogan of the city tourist board”.

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