Three new publications: The best way to end the year 2022 and start 2023


The LXNIGHTS team continues to publish the results of both our amazing research on Lisbon’s nightlife,  and and also opening up new lines of research. Further publications will follow in the coming months. Stay tuned!

  1. Nofre, J., Garcia-Ruiz, M. & Martins, J. C. (2023). “Demonizing the Nightlife: The ‘Pandemic Panic’ and Youth Responses in Portugal and Spain.” In M. Ryan (Ed.)., COVID-19: Pandemic pitfalls and possibilities, pp. 91-104 London: Routledge.

  1. Nofre, J. & Garcia-Ruiz, M. The urban ecological transition and the future of Europe’s nightlife industry. World Leisure Journal, 1-16.

  1. Nofre, J., Martins, J. C., Garcia-Ruiz, M. & Teixeira Costa, G. “Cuando la turistificación mató ‘la noche’ de Cais do Sodré (Lisboa)”. Ábaco – Revista de cultura y ciencias sociales, 112-113: 82-91.

  1. Teixeira Costa, G., Raposo, O., Martins, J. C., Garcia-Ruiz, M. & Nofre, J. (2022). Lazer noturno e resistências juvenis em tempos de (pós)pandemia: O caso dos jovens do Bar Antù em Lisboa. Antropolítica – Revista Contemporânea de Antropologia, 54(3): 118-142.