LXNIGHTS Research Group was originally created in July 2014 by a Lisbon-based interdisciplinary team of young geographers, anthropologists and sociologists. Since its foundation, our main research objective has been to identify and analyze the range of spatial, social, cultural, economic, and governance-related impacts derived from the expansion of nighttime leisure economy in central urban areas of Lisbon, in Portugal. In 2019, LXNIGHTS promoted the creation of the International Night Studies Network (https://nightologists.hypotheses.org/) together with our colleagues from France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Canada, United States, Mexico, Chile and Brazil, among others. Since its foundation, LXNIGHTS has led several H2020, H2022, and ERC grant proposals. In this sense, LXNIGHTS provides a space to examine how our nightlife industry at both local and European levels should be in the future, and, crucially, how it can contribute to promoting and achieving the goals defined by the recently-launched The New European Bauhaus Initiative – a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal’s objectives to our living spaces and experiences. LXNIGHTS is supported by the Scientific Employment Stimulus Program of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (CEECIND/01171/2017), and is hosted at the Interdisciplinary Center for Social Sciences at NOVA University of Lisbon.

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