Hilson Filho Cunha

Hilson Filho is BA in Architecture and Urbanism, and also BA in Psychopedagogy. In 2002 he completed the Master of Public Health at the National Public Health and School of the New University of Lisbon. In 2016, he is completing a PhD in Life Sciences, specializing in Public Health, Faculty of Medical Sciences, New University of Lisbon and waiting for the doctoral examination. In PhD final thesis he addresses the theme of alcohol policies in Portugal. Since 1992, he works on prevention and treatment of substance use (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs), and since 1999 he also acts on the field of tobacco control and alcohol and drug policies, representing NGOs before various government agencies.He also collaborates as a university lecturer and is a researcher in Public Health since 2002. He has published dozens of policy-oriented works on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs’ use and abuse. These books address issues such as public policy, epidemiology, health promotion and protection, law, health problems associated with the use, organization of health care and more effective therapeutic approaches.