Dominique Crozat

Imatge relacionadaDominique Crozat is Professor of Social Geography at the Université Paul Valéry – Montpellier 3, in France. His research is oriented to overcome the traditional concept of geographic representation, with a reflection on performativity and production of hyper real spaces. His main research subject is geography of leisure and the construction of identities in spatially segregated spaces. Prof. Crozat is also founder and co-head of the Program Cultures & Territories (FRE 3027 ARTDev, former MTE, CNRS-University of Montpellier and Perpignan 3), and has also founded and led the Program “Metropolitan Peripheries Running. Mobilities. Innovations. Urbanities” (UMR 5185 ADES, Bordeaux 3, 2004-2008). This research program focused on social and spatial changes in cities of southern France and the Iberian Peninsula. In this program, Prof. Crozat developed research about the construction of hyper-real identities, segregation and ethnicity in Bordeaux (France), and the relocation of slum dwellers (Lisbon), among other phases. More recently, Prof. Crozat also directed the research project “Dynamics of urban peripheries of the cities of southern Europe: between standards and innovation.” Currently, Prof. Crozat is leading the MA in Territories, Societies, Planning and Development at the University Paul Valéry, teaching “Tourism and Sustainable Development of Territories”.