Irina van Aalst

Resultat d'imatges de "irina van aalst"Irina van Aalst is Associate Professor in Urban Geography at Utrecht University, in Netherlands. Her research can be positioned at the intersection of urban, cultural and economic geography. She has published on urban dynamics and culture, surveillance and nightlife, public spaces, creative industries, and has supervised PhD students with projects on Art in public space, dynamics in urban Nightlife districts and the Dutch publishing sector. In 2009 she received a four years grant (NWO; 550 k€) for a research project on ‘Surveillance in Urban Nightscapes’. By focusing on different Dutch cities, her team analyzed and addressed impact and effects of surveillance, on the way urban nightlife districts are governed and on spatiotemporal variations in nightlife consumption of young people ( Furthermore, she is coordinator of the research program ‘Growing up in the City’ in the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth (UU) and coordinator of the Master course Urban Daily Life and supervisor of students at Master’s level (UU).