If you’re wondering what studying the urban night means, Night Studies mean Explore, Discuss, and Reflect on The Nocturnal City (& Propose Policymaking Actions) from an interdisciplinary, critical, militant approach.

For many of us, our research takes a ‘militant approach’ because of:

1. We love the night: our research contains a high dose of personal, affective, emotional component.
2. The night faces enormous threats derived from aggressive urban processes (real estate development, rapid touristification of city centers, etc.):.
3. We are very concerned about current revival of punitive, repressive, criminalizing discourses, voices, and policies on Night, Youth & Minorities (especially racialized, stigmatized, non-normative, dissident individuals/groups).
4. We are strongly committed in defending one of the very few spaces of (simulated) evasion of our repressive, oppressive everyday life, which is mostly featured by labor precarization and exploitation, different forms of violence, extreme uncertainty, and No-Future Scenario.
5. We mobilize scientific methods to move forward towards safer, egalitarian, inclusive, more resilient, and more sustainable nights.